La Uvita Perdida's surroundings

Your visit wouldn´t be completed without the experiences offered in the area.

Bahía Ballena keeps the beauty of the virgin forest and has the comfort for a pleasant stay. It has an excellent touristic offer and gastronomic variety, making Uvita a very interesting place. The beaches around our lodge are beautiful; you are going to be amazed by the tranquility and security of them.

Adventures and other recreational natural activities: dry and wet forest walks, waterfalls up to 400 meters high, sea tours passing caves, islands, and the view of the wales and other marine life. For all that and more there are different tours agencies that can show you those magical secret places.

Also there are other places you can visit in your own as the variety of beaches where you can enjoy the sea and where you can find many dining options and entertainment. Is highly recommended visiting the National Park Marino Ballena, a special place because of a gorgeous natural landform whale tale shaped in the beach which you can walk (is a 1 km walk surrounded by clear water both sides).

Let yourself get delighted with this paradise in a comfy cabin in the top of a mountain in the middle of the trees, where you can have the amazing surprise of seeing in their natural habitat a toucan, cariblanco monkeys, hummingbirds, and the huge butterfly variety with the peaceful sound of a little creek nearby the lodge.

Enjoy our services

We have at your disposal a considerable amount of special services for your relaxation and enjoyment.

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    Continental or Costa Rican Typical Breakfast.

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    Cabins with a parking spot, a fan, a shower with hot water, a small desk, forest view balcony with hammock and a double bed.
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    The restaurant Rancho Remo is a few steps away from our lodge; they have Costa Rican fusion cuisine and a breathtaking panoramic ocean view.

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    Wine Cellar

    A pura vida wine glass that blends perfectly with every sunset, courtesy of the lodge.

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    Tours information.

    All the advice and touristic recommendations to make the most out of your stay in Costa Rica. Transportation to nearby beaches.
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Keep knowing La Uvita

We invite you to have a better perspective of the lodge where you will enjoy Costa Rica from a different perspective.

¿Why visit us?

We are a family project set out in 2012 as an ecological tourism option under the ideal of preserving the flora and fauna of the forest around.

The idea behind

Our purpose is our guests can enjoy and have contact with nature and the ecological essence which characterizes Costa Rica.

A wine glass to share

Let yourself be charmed by this paradise in the comfort of your room with a wine glass.